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Our Vision

Welcome Place aspire à une vision innovante de la banque, celle où on privilégie les liens interpersonnels pour créer de la valeur économique et sociale en faveur de l’inclusion financière des nouveaux arrivants.

Our Mission

Créer la première banque au monde destinée aux nouveaux arrivants pour accélérer leur inclusion financière à travers la puissance de la communauté.

Our power comes from
our community

Many newcomers come from a culture of community and mutual financial support, which they benefit from informally upon arrival in their host country.

We want to make it possible for them to have access to inclusive banking services and to recreate these ties of solidarity through the expansion of Community-driven Financial Services.

The problem that
we want to solve

  • Lack of awareness

Access to banking services for newcomers is extremely complicated.
When they move to a new country, they do not know the local rules and have no information on how banking services work. They choose offers out of the blue.



  • Irrelevant  services

The services offered are not adapted to their profile, their needs, or their culture.

  • Access

Many newcomers have difficulty accessing the banking system due to a lack of understanding of their situation by traditional banks.

Let Numbers Talk

0 M
newcomers settle in Europe each year
0 M
of immigrants live in Europe
0 M
of people live outside their birth country

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