A community-driven neobank

Welcome.Place was established in 2022 as a community-driven neobank, providing simple and inclusive solutions for all newcomers arriving in Europe.

It is co-founded by Rooh Savar, president of SINGA, one of the leading NGOs dedicated to the empowerment of newcomers in Europe, and Caroline Span, former managing director of MedNum, the main actor of digital inclusion in France. 

Welcome.Place’s goal is to facilitate and promote the social and economic inclusion of newcomers in Europe.

Welcome Place takes a community-driven approach to create stronger and more sustainable member engagement.

Solidarity is at the heart of the project. Solidarity with members and among them.

Welcome Place members can do all their banking wherever they are – no need to go to a physical bank.

Welcome Place services are open and accessible to everyone regardless of their level of digital skills.

The economic and social inclusion of newcomers and refugees normally takes five years to achieve – with the help of Enfuce and Visa, Welcome Place’s ambition is to reduce this inclusion period to just one year. NGOs and Companies can offer their newcomer community banking and financial solutions provided by Welcome Place and its partners.